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TestOptimal Editions

TestOptimal Community is free to the community and academic users to promote Model-Based Testing (MBT) and Process Automation.

Besides Community edition, TestOptimal also offers Professional editions for organizations to build to robust and efficient test automation and process automation in large scale.

Community Professional
Development IDEs yes yes

Multi-Platforms |yes |yes | Model Sequencers |yes |yes | State Models |yes |yes | Combinatorial Models |yes |yes | Model Sequencers |yes |yes | Data Gen Algorithms |yes |yes | Automation Scripting |yes |yes | Requirements Tracking |yes |yes | Graphs & Visualization |yes |yes | Bundled Plugins |yes(1) |yes | Custom Plugins |yes |yes | Cross-Brwoser Test |yes(1) |yes | Model Execution Stats |yes(2) |yes | Requirement Integration |yes(3) |yes | REST APIs |yes(4) |yes | Online MBT |yes |yes | Offline MBT |yes |yes | Model Versioning | |yes | MOdel Repo | |yes | Remote Model Exec | |yes | Dashboard / KPI | |yes | Runtime Servers | |yes | Server Manager (SvrMgr) | |yes | Tech Support |yes(5) |yes |

(1) model size limit (2) current model execution only (3) tab delimited file import (4) some APIs may not be available for Community edition (5) online wiki and community forum